From : $ 222.000

Location : Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

Land Area : 111.000 m²

Landscape : 238.020 m²

Number Of Blocks : 18

Number Of Units : 936

Property Types : 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1

Property Sizes : 53 - 527 m²

Delivery Date : December 2019

About IST224

IST 224 is located at the very intersection of all new transportation systems – road, sea and rail systems - of Istanbul right beside the Historical Peninsula. Under construction on a total area of 111 hectares, IST 224 is targeting to offer “a good life” in the full sense of the word to its residents by focusing on the concepts of “human” and “good life” to its residents.

The project includes houses with various concepts and sizes, a hotel and branded residences to be operated together with the hotel. The project also includes artistic and cultural areas, kids zones and social premises as well as commercial areas.

Life is expected to start at IST 224 in 2019.

At IST 224, the sea will become part of your daily life. All tones of blue, sea-air full of oxygen, irresistible sunset will be but a few of your permanent mates. You can reach the marina with only one minute’s walk from your home over the footbridge directly connecting the IST 224 to the shore. Besides, the gorgeous 30-km long coastal road will also be in your service to add the positive energy of the sea to your evening walks or bicycle trips. With these characteristics, the project offers its residents all advantages of living in a seaside district.

IST 224 project was drawn by the British architectural company Chapman Taylor which has more than 200 international awards.

At this projects the developer use Emlak Konut standards in gross-net square meter measurement and heartily believe in the principle of informing the public in the most accurate way; hence the areas such as wellhole, elevator shaft, fire-escape stairs, social premises, fire-escape corridor, garbage room and mechanical floor are never included to the square meters that you have paid for.

All apartments at IST 224 prepared with ‘smart house’ concept. All lighting controls, curtain/shutter controls as well as air-conditioning and floor-heating controls can be done via touch-panel or remotely via telephone. The Smart Building also makes it possible to carry out security measures such as video intercom and watching the recordings of the security cameras and puts the technology to the service for a “good life” in many more areas such as making reservations at premises like Turkish bath, spa, sauna, and other social premises, or getting the road-weather forecast.

Offering you all of the diverse transportation options such as road, sea and rail systems, IST 224 enables you to reach anywhere without having any traffic problem in the shortest possible time thanks to its marina and sea shuttles.

Only 3 km away from IST 224, the Eurasia Tunnel reinforces the central location and easy transportation capacity on the part of IST 224. By using the Zeytinburnu stop of Marmaray**, the residents of the project can easily connect to all transportation networks of the city and experience the privilege of easy transportation.

Having only 10 km distance to Atatürk Airport, IST 224 is centrally located also in terms of having direct connection to critical spots such as TEM and E5 highways, Bakırköy and İDO ferry quays.

The distance from the project to the Historical Peninsula and Topkapı Palace is 8 km and to Taksim Square and Nişantaşı is 12 km.

Inside the historical buildings of the Stone Square which are restored in compliance with their original form, there will be culture and art centers, fashion design studio, music school, kids clubs, restaurants and design boutiques and lofts. You can start dreaming about what else you will discover at the Stone Square while you rest at its green yards or by the side of its pool.

With its gourmet restaurants, exhibitions, art studios, special gardens and bicycle roads, IST 224 is planning to hold activities that open the doors for its inhabitants from all ages to a good life. Dynamic and joyful moments of the childhood, next-door friends of the neighborhood, those colorful days when the sun was awaited to go out to the garden are all becoming alive at the green areas which were designed by IST 224 in consideration of the children.


Min m²
Max m²
Min Price
Max Price
825.000 ₺
2.031.000 ₺
1.527.000 ₺
5.049.999 ₺
2.615.000 ₺
13.319.000 ₺
3.444.000 ₺
9.239.000 ₺
8.433.000 ₺
10.941.000 ₺


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